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K-BIOBOOSTER (4L) (FT001*6+1) (Q6F1FT001)

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RM 1476.00 (WM) | RM 1518.00 (EM)


Promotion Set Consists Of:-
7 x K-BioBooster Plus (4 liter)

Using an international award-winning biological-based formula, K-BioBooster Plus is able to nourish and rejuvenate our plants and drops with energy imparted from a variety of beneficial microorganisms. The formulation is enriched with amino acids, fulvic acid, macronutrients (N,P,K) trace elements, and seaweed extract for healty soil and virgorous plant growth.

- Revitalize the soil
- Rejuvenate root system
- Promote vigorous growth of plants
- Increase crop yeild
- Reduce chemical fertilizer usage
- Increase water and neutrient uptake
- Establist sustainable production
- Produce healthier and safer food


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