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MYR 86.00 ~ MYR 175.00 (WM)
MYR 96.00 ~ MYR 185.00 (EM)

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Filter selection:
- Filter 1 (Ceramic Only)
- Filter 2
- Filter 3
- Filter 4
- Filter 5
- Filter 6

The 7-Star Water Filtration System possesses 7 specially designed filters to help make water cleaner and improve the quality of water. With its advanced bio-technology filters, the 7-Star Water Filtration System can help to energize the content of water, turn water molecules smaller and providing one with natural and healthy water in the best possible condition.

Using Japanese technology, the 7-Star Water Filtration System is capable of filtering up to 99.99% of toxins and waste, besides being able to filter chlorine, viruses, toxins, heavy metals and other harmful pollutants. The 7-Star Water Filtration System can also helps enhance the oxygen content of the water, allow water molecules to become smaller, provide important nutrients required by the body, helps enhance cells’ energy and improve blood circulation. Besides that, the water filter system can also help the water quality to become healthy water required by the human body, which is low in alkaline and high in oxygen content. Overall, it can help to enhance your health and your family’s well-being!


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