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K-VITC (HF071)

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K-VITC Botanical Beverage Mix Blackcurrant with Pine Bark Extract.

Content: 30 sachets x 2gm

Boost your immunity to soaring heights and provides your body with the maximum protection against viruses & bacteria. K-VITC blackcurrant flavoured refreshing drink contains Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Pine Bark Extract in a single sachet with NO ADDED SUGAR!

• No Added Sucrose or Fructose
• No Artificial Colouring/Flavouring
• No Aspartame
• Lactose-Free
• Vegetarian-Friendly
• Diabetic Friendly
• Hypertension Friendly
• Sodium free
• Fat Free

Suitable for Both Adults & Children, boost your family’s immunity.


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