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Package Consists Of:-
2 x K-Fibplus (10G X 15 sachets)
1 x Non Woven Bag

Want To Lose Weight, But Don't Know Where to Start?
Get K-FibPlus, a delicious fiber drink that is specially fortified with probiotic to bring balance to your belly. With its tasty apple kiwi flavour and low calorie content. It’s a perfect addition to your daily meal to support your weight management journey. Now you can take control of your weight management goals with ease.

Why take K-FibPlus?
• Improve metabolism
• The body feels lighter and more energetic
• Improve digestive system and bowel
• movement
• Optimize nutrient absorption
• Get rid of waste and toxins
• Boosting immune system
• Achieving radiant Skin
• Anti-aging

How to use: Mix one sachet of K-FibPlus with 150ml of water, stir well, and enjoy.
K-FibPlus works best with safe calorie deficits through physical activity and balance diet. K-FibPlus supports your weight management goals and provide various benefits to you from the inside out.


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