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OSAJI VALUE SET (HF051*5+1) (Q5F1HF051)

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Promotion Set Consists Of:-
6 x Osaji (60 softgels)

Osaji is specially formulated from a type of natural plant called Sea Buckthorn. The pure Sea Buckthorn oil is rich with nutrients and contains nutrients beneficial to the body.

What is Sea Buckthorn?
Sea Buckthorn is one of the oldest plants found on earth. Sea Buckthorn has a very high adaption level. It tolerates extreme high and low temperatures, able to grow on dry, wet or sandy soil. The fruits of Sea Buckthorn are rich with various nutrients.

Modern research shows that Sea Buckthorn carries functions which improve health.

Benefits of Osaji :
• Boosts metabolic rate and vitality
• Assists in increasing skin moisture
• Assists in slowing down the effect of ageing process


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