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RM 118.00 ~ RM 260.00 (WM)
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Available in packaging:
- 3g x 15 sachets
- 3g x 7 sachets

K-Puyikang is an exceptionally wonderful product for women’s general well being. Possess unique properties for feminine hygiene.

K-Puyikang is a unique feminine hygiene product that helps to prevent leucorrhoea and to overcome unpleasant feminine discharges, offensive odour, bacterial and viral infections, inflammations and other irritations associated with leucorrhoea.

It helps wash away vaginal discharge and odour-causing bacteria while providing an invigorating cleansing of the vaginal walls. It also help strengthens the vaginal muscle tissue by increasing its elasticity and contractile strength hence restoring the sensitivity of the feminine areas. Regular use will help you regulate menstruation and eliminate feminine problems. K-Puyikang will give you the confidence to be the woman that you are once more.
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