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K-Elegance Tudung Head Cover Infra-Red Health System helps to alleviate and relieve ailments such as giddiness, headache and general weakness, sleep disorder, lethargic, and help to reduce body odour.

The K-Elegance Tudung Head Cover Infra-Red Health System uses nanometer, a unit of measurement equivalent to 1/1,000,000,000 of a metre. When certain particles reach the nanometer stage, these materials are known as nanometer materials.

These nanometer materials consist of super fine material particles and possess special applications as well as special characteristics. Therefore it is safe, reliable and comfortable when worn.

Note: Not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Do not wash the K-Elegance Tudung Head Cover Infra-Red Health System in hot water and washing machine. Only rinse in cold water and dry it in a cool place. Also do not use any chemical or washing detergent when rinsing.
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