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Enjoy comfort given by K-Amethyst Crystal Mat! It combines natural elements that are beneficial to our body, namely heat, far infrared, amethyst and jasmine, to help us achieve better health through an easy, safe and comfortable way.

K-Amethyst Crystal Mat utilizes the concept of ‘heat therapy’ that is commonly practiced by people for the sake of wellness. It heats up the body up to relieve discomforts such as fatigue, sores, and stiffness. The released far infrared could promote metabolism and blood circulation, while the amethyst and scent of jasmine possess calming and soothing properties.

In general, K-Amethyst Crystal Mat offers several wholesome potentials such as:
- Relieves stress and tiredness
- Reduces pain and muscle tension
- Enhances general health
- Improves sleep quality
- Promotes burning of calories and excess fat
- Supports detoxification

K-Amethyst Crystal Mat is easy to use! Just place it on sofa, chair, mattress or bed, press “On” and feel the warmth that is healthful and relaxing, be it at home, in the office or on vacation. Suitable for the whole family, sharing among friends as well as for self-care purposes.


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