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RM 126.00 (WM) | RM 130.00 (EM)


Content: 15g x 10 sachets

K-Cenzyme Plus is a highly alkaline health beverage which is rich in enzyme that is produced from natural fruits and vegetables essence through an advanced fermentation technology. It is highly effective in body detoxification and enhancing the absorption of nutrients in our body.

Have you ever wonder why your health does not improve even though you consume a lot of nutritious foods? Or why would you easily feel tired all the time? The root of these problems might be caused by the lack of enzymes in your body.

K-Cenzyme Plus is produced from 72 types of fruits and vegetables essence, the benefits are to cleanse the digestive system, help remove body waste, facilitate body metabolism and improve nutrients absorption.

Health Supplement Without Side Effects:
• NO artificial additives
• NO western medicine or senna (a type of laxative)
• Rich in active ingredients
• Sourced naturally

Serving Suggestion:
One sachet each time, mix with 300 – 400ml cold or warm water and serve immediately. Take one sachet per day before breakfast for best results.

People with sensitive stomach are recommended to take one sachet every 3 – 5 days. Excessive use can cause laxative effect.


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