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K-Miracle Life Water-Mobile Health Tumbler can generates hydrogen water and ozone water to restore the health of you and your family. With USB-charge and portable function, you can now enjoy dual-forms health water anytime, anywhere.

In this current health trend, the purpose of drinking water is not just about quenching thirst, but also emphasizing on drinking clean water; it even further evolved into the desire of drinking healthy water. Hydrogen water-generator products have become a necessity home appliance in every household across developed countries.

What Is Hydrogen Water?
According to the research by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Patrick Flanagan, hydrogen is the smallest element in the whole universe. It is more effective in neutralizing free radicals while provides benefits and better absorption to the human body.

What Is Ozone Water?
Ozone water is blessed with amazing oxidation ability, hence, it is widely used as disinfectants. It can destroy bacteria which exist on the surface, remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and protect your overall family health.

Health Benefits
- Hydrogen water is a good antioxidant
- Balance body pH
- Effectively eliminate free radicals
- Can stimulate body metabolism
- Strengthen body immune system and slow down aging


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