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Retail Price
RM 1000.00 (WM) | RM 1020.00 (EM)


Content: 1 x Mattress Protector + 1 x Pillow Protector

Available in 2 sizes:-
King Size - 7' x 6'
Single Size - 7' x 3.5'

K-eMattress Protector combines the special health enhancing effects from far infrared rays and negative ions. It is convenient to use, time saving and cost effective. Just unwind yourself to sweet slumber while the infrared energy keeps the ions and free radicals in your body in harmonious balance. Have a peaceful sleep while it rejuvenates your metabolism and maintains a balance pH level in the body, thus giving you healthy cells and higher body immunity. You will wake up fresh and feel revitalized in the morning for the challenges that awaits you in a brand new day.

Quality sleep comes only when you can be assured of a deep sleep. Your whole body unwinds while you breathe slowly but deeply, your cerebrum immersing to rest completely. And when you are awake, your fatigue simply vanishes and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
- Improves quality of sleep
- Increases metabolism of the body
- Relieves physical and mental stress
- Strengthens our immune system


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